Countertops can add so much to your kitchen

When you need new countertops in your kitchen, your chosen material plays a huge role in the service outcome. Of course, updating is necessary from time to time, but you can create a space that is durable, functional, and stunning to look at, all at the same time. Read along here to find out more about materials that will serve you well for years to come.

Understanding countertops and materials

Granite countertops are incredibly popular as an all-natural material because it offers so many valuable benefits. For visual appeal, there are unique color and pattern options, so no two are exactly alike. And you'll appreciate durability that resists scratches, stains, water spots, and intense heat, though you’ll want to guard against heavy impacts. Quartz countertops are made to be beautiful, nonporous, and incredibly hard, so they are both an excellent addition to your décor as well as one of the most durable surfaces for your kitchen. These products are low-maintenance and offer sufficient durability for most households. However, you’ll want to refrain from heavily abrasive cleaners and tools as well as overly hot pans that could crack the surface of these counters as the heat destroys resins. Both materials can be customized to the size, shape, and depth that caters to your requirements, especially if they complement your décor and existing design. Once you choose a material and specific dimensions, we can quote a price and average installation time, so you'll know what you can expect. Then, when you're ready to begin designing, stop by and work with our associates at any time.



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We offer countertops that meet your needs

Whether you’re looking for a single countertop or multiple surfaces, Cabinet & Flooring Solutions is a great place to shop for services and materials. We cater to your requirements with a well-stocked inventory of products and matching services for successful results you’ll find well worth your while. Be sure to share your specific needs and preferences with us for a remodeling experience you’ll love.

Our showroom in Norco, CA proudly serves residents from Norco, CA, Riverside, CA, Chino, CA, and Corona, CA, and we’d love to work with you as well. Visit us any time to see our selection of materials and choose options that cater to your household requirements. When you’re ready to discuss the personal benefits of granite or quartz countertops, we’ll be happy to assist you from start to finish.